Oakes Speaks Sustainable Design to Students


April 28-30 2006. Summer Rayne had back-to-back-to-back discussions with high school students on sustainable design at Pace University, Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and the Project Emerge Program at F.I.T.

At Pace, Oakes unveiled ECOFASHION 101 to 300 students at the Students for a Sustainable Future Expo. The "I Heart Design" Symposium at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum brought a number of students from across the country to talk to cross-industry designers about their work. On the 30th, Oakes visited F.I.T. again to give a three-part workshop to high school design students. The workshop focused on brand building exercises; the emergence of sustainable design; the global and personal importance of incorporating "sustainability" in design; and a special look into stories from various designers including a display of 18 international eco-friendly design lines. Video and images coming soon.

Summer Rayne Discusses Sustainabilty & F.I.T.


April 18, 2006. Summer Rayne visited the Fashion Institute of Technology Tuesday to sit with professors in order to discuss sustainability programs throughout the school.

Though not a graduate of F.I.T., Summer Rayne has been meeting with representatives of the school for over a year discussing ideas for the implementation of sustainability programs at the world-renowned design school centered in NYC. After discussing ideas with individuals on a regular basis, a group of professors have begun assembling a team to openly discuss and help shape such programs. "The growing interest among the next-generation of students for sustainable design programs is overflowing.
F.I.T. is one of the top design schools in the world. Implementing a program on sustainability throughout F.I.T. just makes perfect sense." Oakes continued to say that, "I envision F.I.T. to be the hub of innovative sustainable design in NYC, not only for students, but for industry professionals from around the world."

April 19, 2006. Summer Rayne joins Riverkeeper for their special fund-raising event.

The Look: Off the heels of the Vanity Fair Party, Summer Rayne pays a visit to the Riverkeeper fundraising event at the Chelsea Piers in NYC. (Wearing a second-hand coat by Dolce & Gabanna) with self-made carved Sioux necklace.

April 18, 2006. Summer Rayne joins the festivities with friends at the Vanity Fair Green Issue Party at ABC Home.

The look: Summer Rayne Oakes wears an empire dress made out of refound materials by Deborah Lindquist. Seen holding an organic wool crocheted capelet jacket with bell sleeves by Carasan Designs.

Right (Above): Summer Rayne and Aaron Kenedi. Right: The environmentally conscious stick together: Bobby Kennedy, Jr. (Riverkeeper), Tom Van Dyck (SRI for Piper Jaffray), Aaron Kenedi (Shift Mag), and Summer Rayne (SRO) converse as Graham Hill (Treehugger) looks on. Photo provided by: Remy Chevalier.
Left: Bobby Kennedy, Jr. and friend. Right (Below): Graham Hill (Treehugger) with Randy Hayes (RAN founder)


A sneak peak at the photo shoot with photographer, Steve Brickles.

Seen here: Pachacuti panama hat from Ecuador (fair trade); Shirt by Alexander McQueen; o-wool high-waisted pants by Deborah Lindquist

See the Connections: Editorial


April 2006. Experience Life Magazine "See the Connections" issue features Summer Rayne on the cover with an inside editorial on connection fashion with...sewage sludge???

INSIDE PEEK: Summer Rayne Oakes' works is all about connections. Her career links fashion and sustainability, media and marketing, modeling and activism, clothes and sewer sludge. That's right, sewer sludge. Ever since this unglamorous gunk became the topic of Oakes' college research project at Cornell University, it's been at the center of her personal passion for raising environmental and public-health awareness...

March/April 2006. Volume 10. No 3 issue of Healthy Living Magazine features editorial on Summer Rayne and her role at the WTO Ministerial Conference speaking about fair trade.

"The fashion show was, of course, entertaining, but more importantly, it provided a real demonstration of how fair trade can be both profitable and sustainable."
- Summer Rayne Oakes


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