The Doctor's Prescription: Healthy Living Cover


Preview for the June covers of Healthy Living Magazine shot with photographer John F. Cooper. Featured here is the handknit bikini with coconut rings by Brooklyn Handknit and organic merino knit top with natural plant dyes by Carasan Designs.

The Daily Dose #1


I can't expect my peeps to put together a "daily dose" of my personal regime (it's really, really low on the to-do list), so I'm assembling a random daily log of my personal eating/workout habits (random meaning NOT every day)...from my lips to your eyes (literally). What can I say, it's not as juicy as Britney Spears spitting out offspring like rapid fire, but I swear, some people are actually curious about this. Remember, I said "some."

Tales from the Gastro Groundfloor:

3 Egg Innovations organic eggs with Turkey bacon and locally-grown organic heirloom tomato. Drink: 50-50 organic tazo chai with Horizon organic milk

Lunch/Dinner: Salad - Earthbound Farms organic Romaine lettuce, heirloom tomato, 2 hard-boiled Egg Innovations organic eggs, Turkey bacon, black pepper, and Bragg organic Apple cider vinegar; Drink: Glaceau VitaminWater

Kettle Tortilla Organic chips | Hot Cocoa (with Alter Eco fair trade cocoa), Horizon organic milk and water | Applegate Farms chicken apple sausage | Stonyfield Farms Key Lime yogurt

The Sweat Shop:

3-mile jog in park with 15 minutes of jump rope. Drink: Dasani Raspberry "sugar free" water; 30 minute "core" excercise

The Beauty Beat:

The average woman uses 12 beauty products a day. Gosh darn that's a lot of products! Not certain if "beauty" products fall under the larger realm of personal care products, but if that is the case then today's average for me is 8.
  • CVS shave gel
  • Herbal Essences Citrus Lift
  • Aveda damage remedy restructuring conditioner
  • Kiehl's original musk bath & shower gel
  • Alterna enzymtherapy hemp straigtening balm
  • Fruit of the Earth cocoa butter
  • Nature's Gate organics "C for yourself" texturing serum
  • Herbal Clear natural deodorant

May is a Month of Filming


Summer Rayne is off with crew for the month of May filming. Seen here in Project Alabama.

I Heart Design Conference


On April 27th, 2006, Summer Rayne spoke with students about her work at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum's "I Heart Design" conference. Building socially- and environmentally-responsible ventures through fashion and media was her principle topic of conversation with students. The conference, sponsored every year by Target and hosted at the Design Museum, brings high school students from across the U.S. to NYC to have one-on-one discussions with design professionals. (Above: students make their own shirts; below (top): security guard passes by the student's graffiti creations on Cooper Hewitt's walls; below (middle): DJ spins at the "I Heart Design" event; below (botton): Mark Ecko talks about the trials, successes, and travels of the Ecko Unlimited brand.

Swim Shoot


Scan from contact sheet for editorial shoot with photographer John F. Cooper. Publications coming this June. Handknit bikini with coconut rings by Brooklyn Handknit; kukui beads; sustainably harvested African Blackwood bracelets, a.d. schwarz.

The Road to Durham


Image preview from the People Tree catalog shoot. Fair trade alpaca knit cowl neck sweater from Peru; hand-woven organic cotton skirt from Bangladesh.

Let the Light in


May 2006. Images from earlier shoot.

(Above): Save the Queen shirt; (Below): Hemp-Silk High Waist Pants by Deborah Lindquist; Organic cotton, fair trade shirt by People Tree; Reconstructed vintage bustier empire dress by Deborah Lindquist.