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Jake came up from the Dominican Republic and we headed over to his friend's art gallery showing over at Leo Koenig Inc. in NYC. Quite appropriate given the fact that it followed the State of the Planet conference over at Columbia. Sigh.

I took a pretty shoddy picture. Better ones here: Alexis Rockman presents "South" at Leo Koenig.

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Portraits by J. Ake in Maggie Norris Couture. Styled by C. Broderson.
Shot on 8x10 glass plates

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I posted this on Treehugger and It's Getting Hot in Here with some great conversation on both blogs. Click to read on the respective sites and chime in if you are at all interested.

A snippet below:

The State of the Planet Conference convened at the Earth Institute at Columbia University this past Thursday and Friday. Man, have special interests grabbed the environmental movement like a bulldog by a throat, or what? Perhaps I’m getting increasingly hypersensitive as we continue to slog on, but panelists seemed more divided by the issues this year than in 2006. In short, we all agree that we must do something, but none of us can agree on what that may be.

Can you hear me now?
Of course if you ask a telecommunications person what will solve world poverty, he’s going to say, “Telecommunications;” and ask an agronomist what will help solve the fuel crisis, and he will emphatically respond, “Agriculture.” Ask a buttoned-up economist how he sees the world, and he’ll say, “an industrialized free market economy,” and give the Chairman of the U.K. Atomic Energy Authority the podium on climate change solutions, and she’ll talk up nuclear like it’s a half-silver bullet solution out of hell...

Continue reading at or

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EGlobo in Brazil

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From Collin over at Treehugger:

With a few notable exceptions, the hard-living, party-hearty, carbon-pumping world of rock 'n roll excess doesn't earn many green points. But that's going to change, thanks to Tommy Lee and Ludacris and a new show on Planet Green called Battleground Earth. Yep, rock and rap are going head to head in a battle against the toxic forces destroying the planet as the two travel across the country on a 10-episode tour.

The show premieres in August and follows the duo's attempts to keep their high-wattage tours on a greener path while participating in different challenges highlighting various green issues.

What sort of shenanigans will this involve? For example, in the "Fast Fuel" episode Ludacris (who is also knows as Chris Bridges) and Tommy Lee's biodiesel tour buses are running on empty in the middle of the Texas Panhandle. They must roll into a fast food restaurant and look for fast food grease to turn into eco-friendly fuel. Will this battle include discussion of the efficacy of biofuels as a long-term petroleum substitute, or the possible argument that biofuels are a crime against humanity? You'll have to tune in to find out...

The Rap n' Roll battle culminates in a green carpet benefit concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles (no, not that Greek Theater). The concert featuring Ludacris, Tommy Lee and many of their famous musician friends will support the renewal of Griffith Park, which was devastated by recent wildfires.

So, who's going to win the battle and take the green cake: the acting rapper or the musician who's famous for, uh, doing other things in front of the camera? Pencil in August 2008 on your calendars and read up on other programming plans in ::USA Today on Planet Green, ::BAM! Emeril Lagasse Unearths Fresh Ingredients for Planet Green, ::Become a Famous Eco-Gadgeteer on Planet Green TV!, and ::Appear on Emeril Green

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Keep up-to-date on speeches and speech topics here. New topics will be updated in June 2008.

March 24 , 2008
"Living in a Sustainable Fashion Industry"
School of Textiles and Design, Cornell University
An intimate presentation and Q&A discussion on the sustainable fashion industry--past, present, and future. Talk includes discussion of job market, new programs, and international interest. Short discussion on Summer Rayne's personal experience through college and the professional field.

Time: 5:15PM

April 12 , 2008 "Green Gone Wild" - Seattle Style Seattle Green Festival
Mainstream America is finally aware of the environmental issues we face. Join Summer Rayne to see what it takes to keep this movement real, grounded and moving forward. You’re in for an upbeat, intimate, flirtatiously informative and slightly off the cuff presentation that will cater to the energy level and “spontaneous collaboration” of the audience. Intrigued? Parental Guidance Advised

Time: 1:00PM - 2:00PM on Main Stage

April 19-20 , 2008 "Green Gone Wild" Green Apple Music Festival
Mainstream America is finally aware of the environmental issues we face. Join Summer Rayne San Francisco-style to see what it takes to keep this movement real, grounded and moving forward. You’re in for an upbeat, intimate, flirtatiously informative and slightly off the cuff presentation that will cater to the energy level and “spontaneous collaboration” of the audience. Intrigued? Parental Guidance Advised

Time: TBA

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Yep, that's me running around in my Enamore skivvies at the Fall 08 Ekovaruhuset show.

Here are some of the photos from the Ekovaruhuset Fall 2008 Show**. Johanna had the idea for me to run out in my birthday suit and have Elisa Jimenez, Project Runway gal (Season 4) and fastest fashion design maker in the world, make a garment on me in less than 3 minutes. We had some complications (as all fashion shows do) from the start. First, the security guards would not let any of the crew or talent in for 2 hours. Secondly, I had no prior practice or discussion with Elisa, so we were both prepared to wing it. I got the "O.K." on my undies from Johanna, but Elisa said they wouldn't work five minutes before the show was supposed to start! Luckily we were able to slip them off quite easily as she was putting the slip on. All done with a live studio audience of course. It was rough around the edges. WWD didn't approve, but that's O.K., b/c man Elisa whipped up that outfit pretty fast and we all had fun suspended in the complete unknown (Please don't drop my underwear, please don't drop my underwear). Three minutes is all it took. See the evolution in the video and a look at the outfit below:


The rest of the show was LONG! Thank goodness they had some live music and alcoholic beverages for the onlookers. But the designs were worth it. See some of my faves below.

** Ekovaruhuset is design collective of principally Swedish-based designers. They have a store at 123 Ludlow in Manhattan and also in Sweden.

From the Anya Hynynen show (part of Ekovaruhuset)
Alice down the rabbit hole and tea party? Trippy graphic black-and-whites

Stellar jacket

Slouchy dress

Very Coco Chanel

Love it. If Medusa were a fashion icon, she'd be wearing _____.

Stand on one leg! MIKA's designs for Ekovaruhuset are just so lovely. I got her elephant tee and this one is just as whimsical. Well done!

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YRB - Music*Art*Fashion - Feb/March 08


I'm being increasingly booked for these fierce swimwear shoots over the last couple months. That's totally fine by me, until they put me on a chinchilla fur. Yikes! I had to totally swallow that one. I brought up my concern to the art director, but he wasn't having it. (You win some, you lose some). The photog, Dale May, was cool though. He hangs with Moby and shoots all his album covers. This shoot was for one of the latest issues of YRB Magazine.

** Loved the silver centipede jewelry created by a local Brooklyn designer

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Discovery's and I are launching an "Ask Summer Rayne" column. It's normally not my cup of tea, but we're already backlogged with questions, so I guess I'll give it a whirl.

My first post on Charity:Water, (which I think is a phenomenal organization), got some people's panties in a twist. (Hey, we never said you had to agree!) Send you burning unanswerables to:


and I'll try to answer them as candidly as possible. It's principally for fashion and beauty-related stuff, but you know how much I enjoy talking about the enviro-science side of things, so wouldn't mind getting a few of those curve balls. A new post should be up this week, so stay tuned...

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I got to rock out with the rest of the Board a few weeks ago at the Discovery Headquarters in Silver Springs. I'm not at liberty to discuss the going-ons, but it's all p-r-e-t-t-y exciting. I didn't realize I was the youngest on the board...until I got there... Believe me, I don't take that lightly, even though I feel like a 50-something year old trapped in a 20-something year old's body at times.

I hope that my role there can really bring a voice to the burgeoning youth and minority movement that I've been so blessed to be a part of. I even got Andre, my coolest ass Prius-loving cab driver feeling my energy before the meeting. I got him all fired up about Powershift, The Green Jobs initiative, Dream Reborn, and the social justice energy building under the skin of the environmental movement. "WE WILL NOT BE DIVIDED!" --- (and hey, he said he's already reaping the benefits of green jobs in America. The chicks dig his hybrid ride).

Anyway, you can tell I'm revved for The Dream Reborn Conference April 4-6 in Memphis. It really gives me great pleasure and pride to be working with the Energy Action team again and meeting the individuals of Green for All. I had the pleasure when I was still a teen to work side-by-side Dorothy Cotton, the Civil Rights activist who served as SCLC's education director for 12 years under the direct supervision of King and also served on King's executive staff. Now, I have an opportunity to work with a new generation of leaders that breathe a welcoming energy to some of our most pressing issues.

We're raising money on Facebook to send a low-income youth to The Dream Reborn Conference, so if you can't be there, maybe you can help someone else to go. Spread the love.

Planet Green Announces World Class Board of Advisors

(CSRwire) SILVER SPRING, MD, February 26, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Planet Green, Discovery Communications' global multiplatform environmental initiative, today announced its strategic Board of Advisors representing a broad spectrum of thought leaders in the fields of science, academia, technology, business, environmental advocacy, government and media. Planet Green President and General Manager Eileen O'Neill made the announcement.

"When it comes to our Board of Advisors, Planet Green is standing on the shoulders of giants," said O'Neill. "These individuals are pioneers and visionaries, dedicating their passion and leadership to create a future that balances the needs of humankind and the environment. We are honored to have their guidance and participation as we endeavor to engage and inspire our audiences through Planet Green."

The Board will provide expert counsel on emerging trends, issues, innovations and scientific findings, to help inform Planet Green's robust offering of programming, content, partnerships and public affairs activities across Discovery's media platforms. The Board will also provide recommendations on practical methods to introduce and involve Planet Green's audiences in making a positive difference for the planet. The Board convened in February for its inaugural meeting.

Planet Green Board of Advisors
Discovery Communications Mr. John Hendricks, Founder and Chairman, Discovery Communications
Mr. David Zaslav, President and Chief Executive Officer, Discovery Communications
Ms. Eileen O'Neill, President and General Manager, Planet Green
Mr. Graham Hill, Founder, and Vice President Interactive, Planet Green

Environmental Advocacy
Ms. Frances Beinecke, President, Natural Resources Defense Council
Mr. S. Richard Fedrizzi, President, Chief Executive Officer and Founding Chairman, U.S. Green Building Council
Mr. Robert Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Waterkeeper Alliance
Dr. Wangari Muta Maathai, Nobel Laureate and Executive Director, Greenbelt Movement International
Ms. Stephanie Meeks, Acting President and Chief Executive Officer, The Nature Conservancy
Mr. Matt Petersen, President and Chief Executive Officer, Global Green USA
Mr. Jerome Ringo, President, The Apollo Alliance
Mr. Larry J. Schweiger, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Wildlife Federation

Scientific Dr. Kathryn Moran, Director, Marine Geomechanics Laboratory, University of Rhode Island
Dr. David Suzuki, Co-Founder, The David Suzuki Foundation

Media, Policy and Entertainment
Ms. Carol Browner, Principal, The Albright Group LLC
Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor and Environmentalist
Mr. Daniel C. Esty, Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law & Policy at Yale University; Director, Center for Business and the Environment at Yale
Mr. Andrew Lack, Chairman of the Board, Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Mr. Kenneth Lerer, Chairman, The Huffington Post
Mr. Achim Steiner, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme

Honorary Board Members
The Honorable Christopher Shays, Connecticut
The Honorable Mark Udall, Colorado Governor Martin O'Malley,
Maryland Governor Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota

Discovery Communications Experts
Mr. Josh Bernstein, President and Chief Executive Officer, Boulder Outdoor Survival School
Mr. Jeff Corwin, Wildlife Biologist and Emmy Award-Winning Host
Mr. Philippe Cousteau, Co-Founder and President, EarthEcho International
Ms. Terri Irwin, Founder, Wildlife Warriors and Director, Australia Zoo
Mr. John Picard, Sustainability Expert
Ms. Summer Rayne Oakes, Model and Activist
Ms. Sara Snow, Green Living Expert and host of Get Fresh with Sara Snow

About Planet Green Discovery Communications is a passionate advocate of preserving our earth and a leader in developing television programs that educate citizens about the best qualities of this place we call home. Discovery's commitment to these issues reached new heights when it created Planet Green, a global,cross-company initiative dedicated to documenting, preserving and celebrating the planet.

In June 2008, Discovery Home channel becomes Planet Green -- the first 24-hour eco-lifestyle channel dedicated to making a difference by providing tools, information and content that will enlighten, empower and most importantly, entertain. The channel will launch to more than 50 million homes. Planet Green speaks to people who want to understand green living and to those who truly want to make a difference by providing resources to meet the critical challenge of protecting our environment. Planet Green's platforms include leading eco-lifestyle website ( and the recently launched solutions-oriented ( Discovery will also launch Discovery Education Green, a K-12 service that hosts dynamic media content correlated to state standards. Discovery Education Green will help teachers integrate Green lessons into their curriculum and empowers students to make more environmentally conscious decisions.

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Who the Hell is Kaos?


How fierce is this girl's swimwear? Now all we need is some environmentally-correct alternative to Lycra. Green chemists, do your magic!

I had to wake up at 5AM to get my butt over to this shoot and catch a plane to Cali at 1PM. It was freezing cold in the warehouse studio...They drenched me in olive oil spray and threw glasses of cold water at me. Kinda bothered me that they didn't use any of the wet shots, especially considering I had to get on the plane oily and wet. What gives?!?

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Here's a little feature in Shape Magazine. They originally agreed to run an article on this incredibly cool joint project I did with my good friend Allan Schwarz in Mozambique (carbon offsetting + sustainable development) and the Race Against Global Warming (a community-based 5K walk/run). It was a great global-local tie in, but they opted for something more predictable. They also ran the photo from Mozambique and didn't credit the photographer: Esther Havens yo! Regardless, thanks for the coverage, Shape!!!!

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Theory installed Charity: Water photographs and yellow water cans in 6 Theory locations nationwide, and also in Tokyo, Japan to promote awareness of the world's water crisis. Theory has created an incredible line of "water" clothing, generously underwriting all production and material costs. It's pure charity - 100% of all proceeds go directly to fund water projects in Ethiopia. For only $40, you can buy a sweatshirt that gives two people clean water in Africa for 20 years.

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