One-on-One with Summer Rayne: Elephant Mag Video


Summer Rayne speaks with Catherine Fordham for Elephant Magazine. Approx. 30 minutes.

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Hofstra University: Defining Culture Through Dress


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Summer Rayne Oakes to speak on sustainable fashion panel + hold a private question-answer session at Hofstra University's Defining Culture Through Dress Conference (reservations only).

- About the Conference

- Press release

- SRO, upcoming speaking events

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Al Gore will testify in front of Congress on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 on global climate change.

He plans to present 350,000 + signatures to members of Congress to demonstrate that many people across the U.S. share the same sense of urgency.

Have your voice heard. Fill out the Al Gore card here.

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Outside Magazine packs a full issue of environmental commentary, articles and profiles. The following sections are from the feature entitled "Green Giants: 23 real-world leaders building a future where SUVs run on algae, skyscrapers have the carbon footprints of toolsheds, conservation is a religious imperative, and inconvenient truths have very profitable solutions."

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Summer Rayne Oakes (principal of SRO & m
odel) is featured alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of CA); Richard Cook (sustainable architect); John Doerr (Venture Capitalist); Elliot Spitzer (Governor of NY); Jerome Ringo (NWF Chairman); Captain Paul Watson (Greenpeace); Jeff Swartz (Timberland President); John Mackey (Whole Foods Guru); Leonardo Dicaprio (Actor); David de Rothschild (Adventure Ecology Founder); Sir Richard Branson (Virgin founder); Marjora Carter (Sustainable South Bronx), and others.

There is also a terrific article on one of our favorite websites,

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Summer Rayne Oakes talks sustainable style with Forum Magazine
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Bucks County Times: Helping the Earth is a Beautiful Thing


Swag for Charity


This unique creation is one of 40 rings that were hand-delivered in the 79th Annual Oscar swag bags this past February. Eco-conscious design house, Carasan Designs named 15 of these rings, “Summer Rayne’s Flowers” and provided a letter of authenticity guaranteeing that every time the wearer showcased their ring in the press, Carasan will donate another ring to the wearer’s favorite charity for auction. Each band is meticulously hand-woven with vintage beads and crystals. One ring takes approximately 24 hours to make.

Carasan is run by a mother-daughter duo from Brooklyn, NY and is one of Summer Rayne's favorite designers. See past editorial features in Healthy Living and Lucire's "Behind the Label" here and here. For more information, visit

close-up of a Mona Liza ring

Summer Rayne Oakes - Shape Magazine, March 2007


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San Francisco Magazine, Eco-fashion


San Francisco may not be the hub of fashion, but it does boast a good number of eco-conscious designers.

Leslie Crawford of San Francisco Magazine talks about the latest eco-fashion trends. Quotes from Summer Rayne Oakes (SRO), Tierra Del Forte (Del Forte Denim), Rebecca Calahan Klein (Organic Exchange), Margaret O'Leary and others.

- March 2006


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