Read on to see what our favorite people down under are doing with on images below to read article

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The Hotel Commonwealth of Boston opened its doors to Summer Rayne Oakes for her speech on "Influencing Change." The Boston Globe highlighted her arrival. Summer Rayne also spoke in San Francisco in late May on "fair trade," "sustainable style" and "green marketing." Talks sponsored by Net Impact and SustainLane.

Summer Rayne Oakes wears a silk/organic cotton dress by Bahar Shahpar and jewelry for the Be Carbon Neutral Jewelry Campaign.

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Summer Rayne Oakes talks to Magazine (June 2007 edition) on sustainable style. Check out the feature below (click images to enlarge).

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Watch this video of the New Morning Show and get a fistful of insects.

Summer Rayne Oakes talks about living in harmony with the earth, how the little choices we make have a big impact on the environment, and her unconventional love for insects.

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Summer Rayne Oakes talks Ecofashion on Fox News


Click here to watch Fox News clip on ecofashion (or watch below).

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Josh Dorfman's book, The Lazy Environmentalist, hits bookstands nationwide. If you are looking for the latest companies pushing green mainstream, check this book out. Feature on Summer Rayne Oakes' work included.

Available at or your local book sellers.

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A two-page feature on Summer Rayne Oakes and her work in Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) Sunday edition, the major Swiss daily newspaper based in Zürich.

The link to the article is here: "Summer in the City"

The translated version can be accessed here.

Please note that we do not fully support this article. Though Summer Rayne was not portrayed poorly, the journalist wrote a sensational piece with fictitious, inaccurate accounts. Letters were sent and e-mailed to the Editors of NZZ personally from Summer Rayne addressing general journalistic ethics (See letters above. Click to enlarge).

LETTER from Cassani Sandra on behalf of
Müller Felix E. dated 6-20-2007

Dear Ms. Stoll

Thank you very much for forwarding me the letter of Summer Rayne Oakes. I appreciate your very detailed feedback on Christoph Zuerchers article.

May I first emphasise that a fair and accurate reporting is the standard at "NZZ am Sonntag" and we don't publish articles made up - as you put it - by the authors. All my journalists know this and follow these rules. Therefore I was surprised by your claim that Mr. Zuercher didn't even bother to take notes during the interview. Upon my request he has shown me his booklet with notes and words which definitely have been the basis of his article.

First paragraph: You claim the first paragraph is completly made up. But by carefully reading this paragraph it is obvious that Mr. Zuercher didn't claim this episode happend during his visit.

Fifth paragraph: That you talked about a fotoshooting during the interview is supported by the word "Bloomberg" and "shooting" in his booklet. Probabely this was a misunderstanding?

Sixth paragraph: If you have not heard the reference to Paris Hilton before it's not a proof that this refrence never happened since you can't know everything what has been said about you.

Seventh paragraph: "sexiness" is one of the first words popping up on your website.

Eigth paragraph: This definitely is a mistake Mr. Zuercher made. In his booklet he showed me the word "Cornell". He does apologize for this error.

Ninth paragraph: Mr. Zuercher can't recall where he got this information. It was probabely on the internet. In this case he should have put the source in his article as it is the rule for this paper.

Tenth paragraph: If it's marble then Mr. Zuercher made a mistake.

It is obvious that by claiming about half of the article is made up by Mr. Zuercher you are exaggerating quite a bit. Unfortunately Mr. Zuercher has made some mistakes for which I have admonished him and for which I apologize. But everybody does make mistakes as for example your letter shows: My name is Müller (or Mueller in English) but not Mulder as you have written. At least Mr. Zuercher did spell your name correctly which is a very basic thing in human interaction.

Yours, sincerely

Dr. Felix E. Mueller Editor-in-chief


Summer Rayne Oakes follow-up letter dated 6-21-2007

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Summer Rayne Oakes for Fair-Trade Label, LOTUS by LOA


Summer Rayne Oakes for a new fairtrade fashion and home decor label, LOTUS by LOA.

The League of Artisans (LOA) works with eight cooperatives in India to create sustainable livelihoods for their artisans. Some of the techniques range from silk weaving to the ancient art of Kalamkari, a hand-painting technique that is over 3,000 years old.

Over 20 million artisans in India work in the handicrafts sector. Most of them live below the poverty line and in the county’s most remote areas. They are forced to sell their crafts through middlemen, and often earn less than 5% of the end price of their goods. League of Artisans ensures that the artisans are getting paid a fair wage and are helping preserve ancient techniques in the process.

Check out the LOTUS brand here.

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On February 15th, Al Gore announced Live Earth, an event featuring concerts on all seven continents to raise awareness of climate change. The July 7th concerts feature a "Who's Who" of talent, and tickets are sure to be selling fast -- the show at London's Wembley Stadium has already sold out.

We want you to be there for this historic event, and so we're teaming up with MSN to give away five pairs of tickets, along with air travel and lodging. MSN and Treehugger's "Green Theatre" contest challenges you to (you guessed it) make a 1-2 minute video in which you answer the question “What are you doing in your own backyard to help fight climate change?”

With Live Earth just over a month away, you won't have any time to waste: you can submit your video through Soapbox at MSN Video beginning today. The deadline for submissions is June 23. Once the submission period has closed, voting will open up, and users will choose the Top 10 videos. Those ten will then go to a panel of celebrity judges, and they will determine the five winners. Judges include:

Daryl Hannah, Actress & Environmental Advocate
Dr. David Suzuki, Scientist, Environmentalist and Broadcaster
George Spyros, Environmental Media Maker
Hunter Lovins, Founder, Natural Capital, Inc.
Josh Lucas, Actor & Environmentalist
Judith Helfand, Documentary Filmmaker, Everything’s Cool
Q’Orianka Kilcher, Actress & Environmentalist
Rachel McAdams, Actress & Environmentalist
Simran Sethi, Environmental Journalist
Summer Rayne Oakes, Model & Environmentalist
Woody Harrelson, Actor & Environmentalist

When making their choices, the judges will evaluate the videos based on relevance of contribution to the environment (70%), creativity of presentation (20%), and appropriateness to theme (10%). In addition to tickets, accommodations, and travel, winners will also receive $300 in spending money. Official rules are available at the contest's site.

Get your cameras warmed up -- it's time to get them rolling! In just a few weeks, you and a guest could be a part of the historic Live Earth concerts. Need ideas? Check out the videos submitted to our Convenient Truths contest. And, of course, Treehugger's chock full of tips for lightening your carbon footprint.

If you're totally lacking confidence in your videography skills, MSN is also holding three other contests; each of them is also awarding five pairs of tickets, travel and lodging. If trivia, gaming or online social networking are more your speed, check them out.


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Udall 10 Hits the Road


  • 8,606 miles
  • 54 days
  • 26 cities
  • 6 national parks
  • 6 Native American communities
  • 13 Udall Scholars
  • 1 biodiesel motor coach
Summer Rayne's fellow Udall Scholars hit the road on a Legacy Bus Tour - They are going coast-to-coast to spread the word on the youth that are finding solutions to pressing environmental and Native American issues.

Tune in to their tour on their blog.

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The Sustainable Style Foundation (SSF) started the "Best Dressed Environmental List" in 2005. This past April, they announced the list for 2007. Summer Rayne comes in at #5 for her eco-duds.

  1. Laurie David
  2. Oprah Winfrey
  3. Shalom Harlow
  4. Martha Stewart
  5. Summer Rayne Oakes
  6. Teresa Heinz Kerry
  7. Vandana Shiva
  8. Angela Lindvall
  9. Thandie Newton
  10. Jennifer Aniston

Read more here at SSF.

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Summer Rayne Oakes writes her second monthly post from the fashion frontlines for Grist Magazine. Check out May's post of fair trade fashion.

"Eco fashion" has definitely become the buzzword of the moment.

Within the last month alone, my office has received calls from over a half-dozen trade shows and runway organizers seeking to green their events. Apparel companies and clients feverishly searching for organic clothing sources are also becoming quite common. The press seems to be foaming at the mouth for new material too, which is always a good sign; but, in the U.S. at least, we have yet to graduate beyond the "green" theme. This week I'll be speaking to a U.K.-based women's glossy on "ethical fashion," a term I hear used far more frequently in Europe...

Continue reading
here at

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