On the Backs of Butterfly Wings


The world of insects has always been fascinating to me. Photographer Jody Ake and I wanted to capture that in the photo above. Jody uses one of those old Polaroid cameras from the 1800s - the same camera that Edward S. Curtis used to capture the faces of the American Indian tribesmen and women he encountered on his sojourn through the western United States. Jody mixes his own chemicals and all images come out as an 8x10 glass plate negative, capturing depth of features and the slightest texture.

I chose to pose with a monarch buttefly that I had raised (seen on shoulder), but only the silhouette showed up because the camera reads red tones as blacks. The plant I am holding is the common milkweed - the seeds blowing in the wind. It's the same plant the monarch exclusively feeds on. I was happy to see that the photo was able to catch the soft, silky texture of the milkweed.

Pictures below on one of many insect collecting trips in upstate New York.

Collecting bark beetles

Summer Rayne Oakes talks Sustainable Style & Her Vision on Ibrido TV


Summer Rayne Oakes speaks with Daniel Belanger for IBRIDO TV.

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Available at SIjournal.com & on newstands on the West Coast.

Summer Rayne Oakes on NPR: Living on Earth - Green Fashionista


Model Summer Rayne Oakes is more than just a pretty face. Oakes is also an expert on sewage sludge and a sustainable fashion consultant. She gives host Bruce Gellerman the skinny on turning bamboo into haute couture and why we should wear earth-friendly clothing.

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