Green Jobs Now: Ruffle the tailfeathers of your Senator


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Rile up your Senator tomorrow. You know why?
Full Funding of the Green Jobs Act has a chance on the Senate floor tomorrow!

Senator Bernie Sanders is going to offer an amendment on the floor tomorrow to the economic stimulus package, asking for them to add in full funding of the Green Jobs Act. This title was included in the 2007 Energy Bill but has yet to be funded. Tell Congress it's time to "GO GREEN AND GO EQUAL in the stimulus package: fund the Green Jobs Act tomorrow and support the Sanders Amendment!"

Here's the skinny:

1. Call your Senator's DC office. Contact info available here:

2. Ask to speak with the staff person working on the Economic Stimulus Package.

3. Ask for your senator to support the Sanders Amendment to fully fund the green job workforce training program.

On a related note: the Senate has included extensions of critical clean energy incentives in their version of the Stimulus Package, heading to the floor tomorrow. If we get the Green Jobs Act funded, we'll have a clean, green stimulus that'll help us on a path to a sustainable, just, and prosperous future! Spread the word!

Green For All!

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Elizabeth Hightower of Outside Magazine highlights Power Shift and the growing movement of young activists raising their voices and voting power to combat climate change.

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Meanwhile it helps that Power Shifters are not easily cowed. "We're like dogs," model and organizer Summer Rayne Oakes told me she said after Pelosi's speech. "We can smell fear and have no patience for bullshit." Soon the wave poured over to the West Lawn of the Capitol where thousands more were assembling, a sea of yellow Power Shift tee-shirts bobbing under placards that said - 1SKY! 1FUTURE! 1CHANCE!

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D2 (Oslo, Norway) highlights Summer Rayne Oakes in their Green issue
Photo: B. Wallander

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