My favorite place to shop: Hatari Invertebrates


These are the perfect pets for avid travelers!

I am in love with my blue death-feigning beetles (Cryptoglossa verrucosus). I never raised these critters before, but Barney suggested them over at Hatari Inverts. Thanks to photographer Richard Crean and his macro lens, he was able to capture Muskateer (the male...I have 3 males) and Bluebell (the female) above. They are relatively tiny (less than an inch in length) compared to my other creatures, but between the four of them, they make quite a racket at night in their terrarium. The best part about them is their "death-feigning" characteristic. Their long legs stick straight up in the air (see below) when you frighten them. They get so stiff, you can pick them up and stack them on top of one another. Pure enjoyment on a rainy day. [You'll see more of Richard's fashion work in S4 - SRO's (the co.) new newsletter on sustainability trends in fashion. Sign up for the premiere issue here.

Some Peeps Supporting Eco 4 the World


Take a deep breath please. I now present to you: Ryan Seacrest, David Duchovny, Amy Smart, Desmond Tutu, Sting, Ed Begely Jr., Alicia Keys, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gabrielle Reese, Gavin Newsom, Laird Hamilton, Diane Dixon, Wyland, Ian Thorpe, Simple Plan, Kaylee DeFer, Mike Prickett, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Daryl Hannah, Persia White, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ms Earth 2005, Rosanna Arquette, Hoobastank, Chris Hesse, Simon Webbe, The Veronicas, Apache Indian, Reggae Revolution, Frankie Fredricks, John Paul DeJoria...

Eco 4 the World Trailer


Eco 4 the World is a new TV series that highlights what ordinary people, personalities, and celebrities are doing around the world to have a positive effect on the environment. Featured via Media Corp on teen channels throughout Asia.

For an example of a full episode click here.

There is a great segment on the textile industry and sustainable fashion, highlighting the H&M Wing Hang factory in Cambodia. The textile industry constitutes eighty percent (80%) of Cambodia's exports and employs 300,000 people. Because of the intensive migration of young workers moving from provincial areas to cities, there has been a rising increase in HIV and AIDS. Cambodia is now the SE Asian country with the fastest number of HIV/AIDS cases. See a short interivew with Ingrid Schullstrom, CSR Magager for H&M and their connection to UNICEF to find out what they are working on together to help combat these interrelated issues.

Summer Rayne Interview on Australian Media Search


Carmen Pascuzzi interviews me for Australian Read more here, see a sampling below.

The transcriber for the interview wasn't the best so it sounds as if I'm a bit of a babbling idiot, but hey, that's O.K. Press is press is press...

Will people take a beautiful young woman seriously on that issue?

It’s a double-edged sword. There are a couple of things to consider. There is the age issue and the “attractive, you’re not supposed to be smart” issue...

The industry seems to be moving very quickly…

Yes, rapidly. It occupies about 15% of the US stock market. It’s becoming feasible...

What does Ethical Fashion mean?

Sustainable style – style that is socially and environmentally responsible through the entire chain of production...

Ecofashion in the Christian Science Monitor


I'm loving how CSM is on top of the latest social- and environmental- movements. They highlighted the fair trade student movement back in March and they provided some insight into the world of eco-fashion this time around. Thanks CSM for the...

But even five years ago there were only 10 or 20 designers who "were doing interesting things," says Summer Rayne Oakes, a model and environmental activist who blogs about fashion for

Today, there are hundreds. She's compiled a list of at least 500 ecodesigners worldwide, including those using ecofabrics but not overtly marketing themselves as green.

by golly that's a lot from back in the Stone Ages of 2001.

The Christian Science Monitor has a newspaper circulation of 59,000 and over 1.4 million unique visitors to its website a month.

Blackbeard's Treasure


A series of images shot by R. Goldstein and assisted by D.F. Davis; Hair: Nedjetti; Makeup: Danielle Luca. Designs by: Melenstel, Carasan, Sydney M, StockinGirl, David and Daniel, Parrish, Cobos, Yvonne Johnson, and vintage jewelry

Rose Petals in the Wind


Shots compliments of River.

New Photos from the Plastica Production Series


here for some new images.

Behind the Label of Lucire Magazine features "Hot Rocks" created by the one-and-only Kirsten Muenster. Check out some other outtakes here. And a local blogosphere shout out to Treehugger for featuring her designs here.

Wind Power: Antigua


Some long-awaited sailing shots compliments of one of the most well-respected fine art yachting photographers, Cory Silken, whom I may take up on the offer to go sailing again. And ra, ra, ra, Don...Go W Class! Free publicity for your J Boats (but maybe next time, we'll get some organic cotton tees ).

You are still with us, Audrey...


I think many of us have all been struck by the unprecedented number of deaths in the past month in the modeling world, but this one has hit closest to home for me. Here is in loving memory to a wonderful free-spirited woman and fellow nature lover. We will remember you dearly, Audrey, and miss you so much. Deepest condolences to everyone who you have touched with your love and light...

Kirsten Muenster Jewelry


Kirsten Muenster Jewelry...
in case you didn't notice

click picture to view rings.

photo: Jon Moe

A blast from the past with
Melanie's (MeCo) designs and
the work of John F. Cooper. Gas
mask hats, seat belts for dress
straps, and cemented shoes...

Ohhhhh Gracy Girl


Catalog Shoot for Gracy Girl

Curly Hair & Bunny Ears: Matt Carr


Recycled cashmere: Deborah Lindquist | photos: Matt Carr


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