Video Diary of TOMS Shoe Drop South Africa, Nov 2007


Toms Team South Africa round it up at the Embassy.

This is my video diary of the TOMS Shoe Drop in South Africa. Step

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Charity:Water hits Met Pavilion NYC


Charity Water Dec07 035

Charity Water Dec07 050

Charity Water Dec07 052

Charity Water Dec07 038

Charity Water Dec07 027

Charity Water Dec07 046

Charity Water Dec07 031

Charity Water Dec07 025

Charity Water Dec07 010

Charity Water Dec07 003

Charity Water Dec07 007

Charity Water Benefit, NYC December 17, 2007.

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Toms Shoe Drop - Day-by-Day Countdown


This November I took a trip with TOMS Shoes to help spread the love. For every pair of TOMS you purchase, they give a pair to a child in need. This year took us to South Africa where we placed 50,000 pairs of shoes on children's feet.

Photo left: Blake Mycoskie (founder of TOMS), Esther and I greet children on the second day.

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AfricaNov2007 209bw
Blake and I

AfricaNov2007 210
Saying goodbye. Taylor, Gordon, M, Zack, Leigh-Ann, and Isaac

On the last day of our TOMS trip, we went to the Johannesburg Mayor's office to meet some children from local orphanages. I guess politics is the same everywhere. The political assistant paid some lipservice to the "great" programs that the city of Joburg was doing as a local woman scoffed behind me.

I left early and headed over to one of the HIV/AIDS orphanages for children. The kids played outside with us, but we weren't allowed in for various reasons.

Headed back to the Mayor's office. Packed up. And headed to the airport. Half the crew, including myself, were staying in Africa. I was flying to Mozambique. The others were off to Cape Town. Esther, the photographer on the trip had little desire to head back to the States, so I invited her onto Mozambique...thus begins that journey...

to be continued...

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Blake and I watch on as the games begin

Hanson performs a late night song. Photo: Bryan Johnson

It think this was Mmm Bop. Photo: Bryan Johnson

What did I tell ya, fan for life. Photo: Bryan Johnson

AfricaNov2007 198
HaHa! Look at Ashton's face in the back

AfricaNov2007 200

AfricaNov2007 202

AfricaNov2007 204

AfricaNov2007 205

AfricaNov2007 207
Evelina and I

Late night in Lesedi. Look at everyone's faces in the pictures. They got the funniest looks. We wanted to be entertained so we woke up Hanson. Sing MMMM Bop!!! We want entertainment!

How much does this look like me and my rock star hubby
with our adopted children?
In the Lesedi Cultural Village I got adopted by this cute little chunkette above. I sat down to power up my berry when she came over and sat on my lap. The man in the village said, "Good. Now she is yours. Take her with you." She and her sister went everywhere with me. I had to get Geoff to take one because my arms were about to fall off..

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AfricaNov2007 188
I was obviously jazzed when I found this ginomous cecropia moth

AfricaNov2007 190

AfricaNov2007 189
Look at those eyes!!! I just wanted to SQUEEZE him!

AfricaNov2007 185

AfricaNov2007 191
Rachel, Tyler and DJ chilling in Lesedi

AfricaNov2007 194
Give peace a chance

AfricaNov2007 193

AfricaNov2007 192
"Styler" - editor at looks 8' tall in this picture

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Africa Trip - Day #11 - Nov 18, 2007


Laughing at pictures early in the morning...almost time to leave

We have another late start in the day, but have to fly back to Johannesburg to Ethwathwa. Once we are there we take a look at an amazing community development project. Gordon has helped start Tangerine Marketing, which is surprisingly very similar to Mercado Global. It's all about training local cooperative groups to create fabulous products and market them out. I got a bag, two belts, 3 cards, a picture frame, and an embroidered key chain. All tre chic.

Wearing my crocheted belt and bag from a community project
under the brand name: PROJEKT. It helps employ the skills
and inspiration of Cape Town's disadvantaged craftswomen.

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Before TOMS.

After TOMS.
Taylor with little boy

Doing it the way they do it.

It looks as if they are kickboxing...

Geoff's kettie later gets me in trouble in Mozambique

Photos: Bryan Johnson

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