POMED: Protect Our Mother Earth's Daughters

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(This is your ass in Del Forte organic denim jeans (well, actually, it's my ass in Del Forte).... (but that is besides the point)...This is your ass (below) NOT in Del Forte jeans). Image
compliments of my friend Rem who likes to take pictures of girl's asses.

The POMED Event turned out to be a pretty chill time. (GO Danelle!) Anywho, reconnected ironically with Jeremy Frechette, the dude who shot me with my roachlings and a bunch of others. Also had this guy (below) measure my brain waves. Can't really tell a whole heck of a lot, save for that you are still alive and OH, whether you are a "left" brain or "right" brain person. (Right being devoted to the creative side, left being devoted to the analytical side). Seems to the brain guru, that my brain hemispheres are "even stevens." (Meaning, I have a balanced brain). Jeremy, who clearly dreams of what to photograph every day, is a Right Brainer.

(Above: new writer for Treehugger I'm sorry I don't remember your name!, Kyeann, Jeremy, Shane of Design Tex, and me. Below: don't spook him. You may mess up his brain waves).

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