Wear Your Roach Broach, or not...

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My-oh-my: The luxe and live Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Brooch (featured in the video below). It was a bizarre trend that came out of no other country than Japan, but Utah-based artist Jared Gold would like to make the claim that he invented the roach broach. The trend became widely "infamous" after it was showcased on America's Next Top Model (check out this priceless moment below, courtesy of You Tube). These little chained beasts go for prices of $40 and up (depending on what jewels are glued to their exoskeletons). Though not quite the typical D.I.Y. deed, there are plenty of places to get roaches for cheaper prices (yes, they actually sell these fine beasts in pet stores).

Okay, so I admit I'm fascinated by my six-legged creatures, but I don't think I'd ever get out my glue stick and Swavorski crystals to emblazon my little beasts. After all, who wants a bug that biomimics the cell phones toted by the likes of Lohan and Hilton? And after you raise these affable "little" creatures, you just couldn't imagine turning your 'gascar into a garish gewgaw.

Bugs in general get a bad wrap. But once you get past your fears of creepy crawlies and really look at them, you can't help but have a curious admiration for what they are. Photographer Jeremy Frechette captured the "beauty" of my first roach: Hercules. When Henry Alex Rubin, friend and director of the movie Murderball dropped me off at home from a late night scooter ride, he came in to see my cockroach collection and exclaimed, "They look like varnished wood!" My sentiments exactly.

Cockroaches aren't THAT bad, but for jewelry?

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