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Shoot for Doie Designs, Ph: L. Anshus | Hair/Makeup: Christle Chumney

There's That Funny Fairtrade Feeling in the Air


I must admit, he and I really enjoyed those kisses. Cute boy, but damn, I don't remember his name for the life of me....Occupational hazard.
Yes, because I can totally sew my own socks and scarves and make sure they match with my kitchen decor...Move over Martha!
Oops, I lost my pants, but at least I got my organic cotton undies.
Have to admit, I look funny in this picture, but I love the Baker Boy cap.
My ears aren't pierced! How come it looks like I have a hole in my ear? Fairtrade earrings from India
I call this: The Narcissus. Silk-cotton hi-neck shirt.
I know you can't tell, but we were in a HUGE castle in Durham and it was DAMN cold.

I'm breaking this down old school style and whipping out the G.I.S. I was tra-la-la-ing on my old laptop for my Amboseli National Park report and along came my research on the invasive Phragmites (common reed). This was one of the first statistical correlations done to support the theory that invasive species are spread by anthropogenic influences (i.e. road building). I hadn't gotten a chance to get this published, but I do believe my friend used it in his thesis. This really brings back memories out in the field and GPSing this mother f*%ing invasive haplotype. (The Common Reed is native to the U.S., but DNA evidence shows that there is an invasive haplotype from Europe that has invaded the U.S. probably by way of the St. Lawrence Seaway). Why does it all matter? Well, it's your tax dollars baby - this stuff clogs waterways and strangles native fish and bird habitat.

I tried to do a larger correlation outside of the Mohawk Reservation, but unfortunately (like most G.I.S. information), the information wasn't detailed enough. I loved G.I.S. - it kinda gave me the same feeling that I imagine He-Man had when he held his sword up to the lightning, "I HAVE THE POWER!" Unfortunately, being 2 years removed from the technology does not serve one well; I'm not sure I remember much from those days....but oooooohhh how I miss it.

Behind the Making of Plastica: Blood Diamonds Shoot


Plastica Shoot. View photos here.

Behind-the-Scenes at the Ethical Fashion Show, Paris


Congratulations to Judith Condor-Vidal...I just had to put up this post because we got these photos from the Ethical Fashion Show compliments of Pablo Wunsch Blanco.

Judith Condor-Vidal was all smiles at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris. We shot products from all of her cooperatives so that she could take them back and show the artisans. Judith works closely with IFAT and over 20 cooperatives, creating products ranging from dresses to scarves to jewelry. Judith was also the winner (along with Tudo Bom) of one of the awards at EFS. Her products will be featured and sold in the largest European retail catalog, La Redoute.

"Going to Dubai" - look from the EFS runway show

Alpacas are cool.


Alpaca sweater by Kanthaka; organic cotton shirt by Les Fe Es De Bengale, ph: Laure Maud for The Ethical Fashion Show (Paris, France)

Have too many deadlines on articles and essays, so this may be my one and only post for this month. I figured I might as well dedicate it to the alpaca - the animal which Treehugger refers to as "the green sheep". I've been seeing a lot of this crazy little creature lately: on set in the south (seen here); the WTO in Hong Kong; the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris, and pretty soon at the National Alpaca Conference in Reno this November.

Though I have to be on the runway doing it up alpaca-style, I'll also be on the lookout for the finest alpaca fiber for a new "green" lingerie collection. Stay tuned for the details down the road.

If you want to join me, the event is free and open to the public.

Where: Grand Sierra Resort and Casino (Reno, NV)

When: (Shopping and workshops) November 3-5 starting 8AM - 5PM. (Fashion Show) Saturday, November 4 from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Who: Sponsored by the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA) and Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI)

Alpaca sweater, shot for People Tree campaign in Durham, UK.

A natural color alpaca dress handwoven in Peru at the WTO Fair Trade Expo (Hong Kong)

Vivas alpacas!

natur+kosmos feature: interview with Summer Rayne Oakes


natur + kosmos interview spread | ph: john f. cooper | bracelets: a.d. schwarz | bikini: brooklyn handknints

You're a Rockstar


for the love of rock & roll
ph: matthew porter for gallery collection.

NY1's Fortune Business reports on Eco-fashion


NY1's Fortune Business report highlighted the work of Summer Rayne Oakes and the ecofashion industry this past week. For more information, please visit the website here: NY1 Fortune Business report. (Video coming soon).

"There are ways of solving problems through design and that’s what some of the indie lines are doing,” said Oakes. “They are really trail blazing a new movement where they’ve built sustainability and social responsibility into the core of their business.”

Laure Maud, French photographer and founder of Green is Beautiful; model, activist and consultant, Summer Rayne Oakes; and multilingual parrot, Lord B have partnered to shoot some ethical fashion pieces for the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris. See some samples below.

Below: Kelgwo (shirt); La Vie Devant Soie bag)
Below: Les Racines du Ciel (shirt + pants); Makeba (tie)
Above: Aoi (dress); Judith Condor-Vidal (necklace)
Above: Tudo Bom (dress/sweatshirt); Billum (bag)

Above: Les Racines du Ciel (dress); Nahui Ollin (bag)Above: Numanu (shirt); Ombre Claire (necklace); Zaza factory (bag)Above: dress and top by Deborah LindquistAbove: Les Racines du Ciel

French Vogue has given a gracious mention of the Ethical Fashion Show and the winners of the EFS Show and La Redoute competition. All participants of the show were in the voting. The criteria were based on ethics, material sourcing, and style. Summer Rayne Oakes served on the jury and later took photos for the pieces. (Numanu) was announced as the overall winner of the EFS Show was given $1500 cash prize. Judith Condor-Vidal, a brand that represents 28 cooperatives worldwide, and Tudo Bom, a Brazilian label, were chosen to be featured in the La Redoute catalog, the largest retailer of women's clothing in France. Photo by Laure Maud.

Read more here: French Vogue,
L’Ethical Fashion Show à Paris

Clothing: Numanu silk shirt (India), Ombre Claire necklace, Zaza Factory handbag.


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