Green Jobs Rocks My [Green] World

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We're on it. Ibrahim and I. Organic cotton "Clean Up or Die" tee by Katharine Hamnett!
Michael - I lost your contact!!! Get in touch with me!
Welcome to the Gun Show!
Vincent, you're the man!
My good friend Billy Parish, founder of Energy Action
Recording the music
Vincent (left) was the shit. He and I kept it real at the dinner. Richard Halpin (right) runs out in Texas.
Van signs his early-release book for me.
Ibrahim (Saudi Arabia) & Ibrahim (New York)
Father of environmental justice, Robert Bullard speaks at Dream Reborn. Some other notables are Afeni Shakur, Tupac's mom, who spoke of black entrepreneurship; Majora Carter of the Sustainable South Bronx, Van Jones of the Ella Baker Center; Bracken Hendricks of the Apollo Alliance, and a host of others. They were all invigorating speakers.
A group of Dream Reborners gather for a photo opp.
We even took the trombone player to the streets
We created such a commotion in the streets, silhouettes stared from the hotel windows. We brought the jam band outside and hundreds of us piled together for a big hug-out.

Thank you Energy Action and Green for All for reinvigorating my faith in a REAL, pulsing environmental movement. All others pale in comparison. Dream Reborn kicked off in Memphis, Tennessee (April 4-6, 2008) in commemoration of the civil rights movement of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This was no replay of 1968. This was a rallying movement and training program to address global climate change, equity, and racially-just green jobs. 1,200 people, principally young citizens, came together to jumpstart the National Green Jobs campaign that is underfoot. Might as well tell you that it's happening, so you're not too surprised when it comes to a city or town near you! You'll see me posting more about this as the year forges on, as it's rapidly becoming one of my core personal projects. I haven't been this invigorated since 2000 when I started on my sustainable fashion stuff! Thanks to all my friends in the movement, look forward to rocking it out with you.

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